MP Communications Packages

MP Communications PackagesCommunications Services

CSM provides two very distinct “Communications Packages” for Members of Parliament. Whichever “package” is selected, CSM will deliver professional advice on the management of your local communications. Understanding, consulting, networking and communicating on the relevant community issues are all vital ingredients in being a first class parliamentary representative.


Grassroots Political Campaigning

handshakeCampaigning is a strange and contradictory mix of complexity and simplicity.

Complexity because it involves strategy, tactics, framing a choice, crafting powerful messaging, targeting communications, viral team building, utilising resources, door to door campaigning, fundraising, budgeting, media and IT campaigns as well as motivating and enthusing through to GOTPV and GOTV.


Web Design and Political IT Communications

workmenThe internet and other electronic online forums have transformed, and continue to transform, political campaigning all around the world. IT based communications are now an integral part of any successful campaigning strategy.



hardhatMoney makes the world go round and certainly your campaign won’t progress very far without successful funding. That old adage, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” is as true today as it was the very first time it was uttered. We understand that the primary obstacle to raising funds is that most people actually don’t like asking for money.


International Political Consulting

hospitalRichard Murphy has trained candidates and party political activists abroad since 1998. He has worked in countries such as Ukraine, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Trinidad & Tobago, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro.


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