hardhatMoney makes the world go round and certainly your campaign won’t progress very far without successful funding. That old adage, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” is as true today as it was the very first time it was uttered. We understand that the primary obstacle to raising funds is that most people actually don’t like asking for money.


Whether it’s via direct mail, online giving, face to face meetings with key decision makers or the more traditional methods of localised fundraising, CSM will guide you through this rather daunting process.

With our direct mail expertise, for example, CSM will show you how to communicate your message and motivate your audience. There are numerous key techniques to drafting successful direct mail including:        

-    messaging
-    targeting
-    presentation
-    timing
-    length of letter
-    length of sentences and paragraphs
-    use of underlining and italics
-    key words
-    page breaks

Most importantly, we will show you how to “seal the deal” and establish long term sustainable repeat giving by donors.

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