Grassroots Political Campaigning

handshakeCampaigning is a strange and contradictory mix of complexity and simplicity.

Complexity because it involves strategy, tactics, framing a choice, crafting powerful messaging, targeting communications, viral team building, utilising resources, door to door campaigning, fundraising, budgeting, media and IT campaigns as well as motivating and enthusing through to GOTPV and GOTV.


Simplicity because it can be summarised by professionalism, attitude, commitment, sheer graft and “wanting to win so much more than the next guy”.

CSM has a wealth of “on the ground campaigning” experience and expertise. CSM will assist you in designing your party political campaign plan including key pivotal areas such as:

- campaign planning
- campaign structure and organisation
- campaign messaging
- candidate image and profile
- pledge targets
- voter identification
- door to door and telephone campaigning
- literature design, content and tone
- targeting - issues, geographical areas, interest groups and individuals
- delivery networks
- direct mail
- surveys
- scripts
- opposition research
- comparative campaigning
- “below the radar”
- postal vote recruitment
- count training

richard_iapcWhatever organisational direction you require, CSM will provide high quality strategic and tactical guidance. We will help you craft your plan and ensure that your message and profile is marketed in an effective and value for money manner.

A candidate must have the ability to: consult; listen; understand; learn; decide, persuade.

But a candidate cannot do it all on their own. They need a team. People are a candidate’s greatest strength and resource. They bring talent, money and votes. CSM will help you build your team by providing professional, creative and innovative advice. But candidates need a “can do” mentality to attract like minded people to build their campaign.

Winning elections is all about building momentum. CSM will help you establish the correct strategy, deploy the right techniques and build the momentum you seek. The formula is clear. Find your supporters, influence swing voters with the right messaging and the right tone, enthuse and encourage them through regular communication, build loyalty, make them believe you can win and – finally - get them out to vote!

There is a famous saying in politics “If you can’t deliver your message – you have no message”. CSM not only advise you on what your message should be – we help you craft it and then help you to deliver it!

Successful campaigns all have one thing in common. They get their message across.

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