MP Communications Packages

MP Communications PackagesCSM provides two very distinct “Communications Packages” for Members of Parliament. Whichever “package” is selected, CSM will deliver professional advice on the management of your local communications. Understanding, consulting, networking and communicating on the relevant community issues are all vital ingredients in being a first class parliamentary representative.


Richard Murphy with The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MPOnce CSM have evaluated your exact requirements, we commit to help you develop a scheme for regular communication with local residents, business leaders and key opinion formers.

It is important that you are non partisan and independently minded on local issues, and seen to be so by your constituents. CSM will assist you in that endeavour. We will help recommend the best methods of publicising forthcoming advice bureaux, so that you are in a position to assist constituents with individual casework. Similarly we will advise on calling public meetings where you can seek residents’ views on key issues that are about to come before Parliament. It is part of the CSM remit to ensure that you are seen to be the elected representative of all your constituents, irrespective of their traditional party political views, all year round - not just at election time.

Regular feedback from one’s Member of Parliament is a more than reasonable expectation from constituents. CSM will support you in explaining your local activities by way of the design and drafting of two 4pp newspapers each year, in addition to the preparation of an MPs Annual Report. CSM will also prepare a series of direct mail projects to key pre-selected groups within your constituency such as GPs, school governors, farmers and the like.

This literature communications blueprint is a minimum baseline. CSM will present a bespoke “Communications” proposal for the full year, after initial consultation with the Member of Parliament.

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