TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” Calling


Imagine a Cabinet Minister, backbench Member of Parliament, Parliamentary Candidate or Council Leader, being able to speak directly to literally thousands of their party members, key supporters, their general electorate or members of their business community - all at the same time. TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” allows them to do just that - and much more besides. It allows them to discuss any topic and talk to any target audience at the click of a button, wherever they are and whenever they want.

But TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” is not the exclusive preserve of politicians alone! Civic and business leaders are constantly utilising the technology as do local authority departments, trade unions, shareholders, sports bodies, charities, universities, publishers, churches, entertainers and so on. If you, or your organisation, want to reach out to people then TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” is the answer.

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TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” is effectively a massive telephone conference call meeting where the stakeholder is able to talk to countless thousands of carefully selected people - in the case of a politician it would be their local constituents or residents - and then receive instant feedback.

For the recipient of the call, it is akin to having a one on one conversation with their MP or Councillor. It’s really like a large scale radio phone in programme – a mass listening technology that allows people to gather information and ask questions about the information they have received.

And members of the public are thrilled by what they perceive to be a personal conversation. Not a robocall. Not a phone blast. Not a long recorded message but a live conversation! It is not every day that someone can boast to their friends and family that they have received a personal phone call from the Prime Minister, a Cabinet Minister or their own local MP or Councillor!

And part of the beauty of it is that the recipient only needs a phone. Not a smartphone. Not a laptop. No clever software. No scary download procedures. No login details, user names or passwords to remember. They just need a landline, or a mobile. That’s it…

TalkToo Telephone Town Hall CallingCSM are proud to have entered into an exclusive partnership with German based company Campaigns & Technology in order to bring the increasingly renowned and respected TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” product to the UK market. Indeed, CSM are the UK’s sole provider of this remarkable technology - the only such technology available for UK use that has GDPR and regulatory compliant EEA based Servers.

All a politician requires to conduct a TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” is a telephone, a laptop and a broadband connection. They do not require any hardware or software installation.

TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” provides politicians with the ability to explain key Party decisions, conduct draft policy research, communicate urgent messages to the local population, guide virtual focus groups, oversee regular tracking polling and supervise specific geographical consultation work on key issues in important local Wards or Divisions.

TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” technology integrates the communications techniques of conference calling, data management and analysis in an incredibly effective and unique manner. The live TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” conference call activity is viewed and controlled via a web interface. Planning and executing a call is very, very, straightforward:
  • First, gather your list of permissible names and telephone numbers.
  • Assemble your team for the call. We recommend you have a Moderator, Host and several volunteer Screeners. We will take you through every step, offering whatever assistance you may need.
  • Your target audience’s phone numbers are then uploaded to your TalkToo account. It's as simple as pressing a button.
  • Next, ensure your team has dialled in and is ready to go. Then let the TalkToo team know it's time to launch the call. Thousands of telephone numbers are dialled simultaneously and re-dialled up to three times over a period of approximately twenty minutes.
  • Phones will start ringing and people answering will be welcomed by your very brief but customised, pre-recorded audio invitation encouraging them to stay on the line to participate in the live discussion. The invitation could be from a Party Chairman, Council Leader, Cabinet Minister or Chief of Staff, for example.
  • For those calls which go through to voicemail, a pre-recorded message is left.
  • Now you're ready to conduct your TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall”. You are able to invite participants to ask questions and gauge public opinion through live online polling. You can always see what's happening - as it happens - through an intuitive web-based user interface on your laptop.

As alluded to above, during the live calls, participants wishing to pose a question can press a specific number on their telephone keypad and they will be put through to one of the politician’s Screeners. The Screener will then take a note of the proposed question and type it out so that it appears “on screen” for potential selection by the politician and their team.

The politician and their colleagues will be able to select from their laptop screens the questions that they wish to answer next. Those participants whose questions are not addressed due to time constraints could then be re-contacted, by a variety of methods, after the TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” concludes.

TalkToo Telephone Town Hall Calling
The politician and their team can also conduct live polling of those on the line. Questions are agreed in advance of the call and the participants merely press the relevant number on their telephone keypad (similar to that seen in “Who wants to be a Millionaire”!) and the results come through “on screen” in

The team will then be in a position to follow up individual polling responses with direct mail or email, from the politician, after the call.

Regular and strong communication is fundamental to continued success in politics. By utilising TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall”, politicians will be seen to be visibly staying in touch. They will demonstrate that they are leading from the front by involving, listening and engaging with the opinions of their key stakeholders - the public. This is particularly important during a local, or national, crisis. People are increasingly eager to be kept informed, and kept up to date, with the latest news within their local community.

TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” is an astonishingly powerful communications tool that allows politicians to hold a live and interactive telephone conversation with their target audience. TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” provides unique opportunities to elicit audience feedback, inspire loyalty, communicate key messaging and ideas, raise money and much more besides.

We believe TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” to be a game changer in British politics. It has definitely become the “next big thing” in bespoke mass communication.

CSM and the TalkToo team will make sure our clients receive the absolute maximum from their TalkToo “Telephone Town Hall” events. Clients will be helped with everything from pre-call planning, being kept compliant with UK GDPR laws, and being provided with online support during their actual call.

All the stakeholder needs to know is what they want to say and the people to whom they want to say it. It’s so, so easy…

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